Netflix Codes

The vast amount of content on Netflix can get pretty unwieldy. Luckily, there’s a secret, better way to browse…

I saw this Mashable post about Netflix category codes and realized it would be easy and useful to make it a clickable list, so here it is.

Netflix Category Searches:

Action & Adventure: search

Action Comedies: search

Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy: search

Action Thrillers: search

Adult Animation: search

Adventures: search

African Movies: search

Alien Sci-Fi: search

Animal Tales: search

Anime: search

Anime Action: search

Anime Comedies: search

Anime Dramas: search

Anime Fantasy: search

Anime Features: search

Anime Horror: search

Anime Sci-Fi: search

Anime Series: search

Art House Movies: search

Asian Action Movies: search

Australian Movies: search

B-Horror Movies: search

Baseball Movies: search

Basketball Movies: search

Belgian Movies: search

Biographical Documentaries: search

Biographical Dramas: search

Boxing Movies: search

British Movies: search

British TV Shows: search

Campy Movies: search

Children & Family Movies: search

Chinese Movies: search

Classic Action & Adventure: search

Classic Comedies: search

Classic Dramas: search

Classic Foreign Movies: search

Classic Movies: search

Classic Musicals: search

Classic Romantic Movies: search

Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy: search

Classic Thrillers: search

Classic TV Shows: search

Classic War Movies: search

Classic Westerns: search

Comedies: search

Comic Book and Superhero Movies: search

Country & Western/Folk: search

Courtroom Dramas: search

Creature Features: search

Crime Action & Adventure: search

Crime Documentaries: search

Crime Dramas: search

Crime Thrillers: search

Crime TV Shows: search

Cult Comedies: search

Cult Horror Movies: search

Cult Movies: search

Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy: search

Cult TV Shows: search

Dark Comedies: search

Deep Sea Horror Movies: search

Disney: search

Disney Musicals: search

Documentaries: search

Dramas: search

Dramas based on Books: search

Dramas based on real life: search

Dutch Movies: search

Eastern European Movies: search

Education for Kids: search

Epics: search

Experimental Movies: search

Faith & Spirituality: search

Faith & Spirituality Movies: search

Family Features: search

Fantasy Movies: search

Film Noir: search

Food & Travel TV: search

Football Movies: search

Foreign Action & Adventure: search

Foreign Comedies: search

Foreign Documentaries: search

Foreign Dramas: search

Foreign Gay & Lesbian Movies: search

Foreign Horror Movies: search

Foreign Movies: search

Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy: search

Foreign Thrillers: search

French Movies: search

Gangster Movies: search

Gay & Lesbian Dramas: search

German Movies: search

Greek Movies: search

Historical Documentaries: search

Horror Comedy: search

Horror Movies: search

Independent Action & Adventure: search

Independent Comedies: search

Independent Dramas: search

Independent Movies: search

Independent Thrillers: search

Indian Movies: search

Irish Movies: search

Italian Movies: search

Japanese Movies: search

Jazz & Easy Listening: search

Kids Faith & Spirituality: search

Kids Music: search

Kids’ TV: search

Korean Movies: search

Korean TV Shows: search

Late Night Comedies: search

Latin American Movies: search

Latin Music: search

Martial Arts Movies: search

Martial Arts, Boxing & Wrestling: search

Middle Eastern Movies: search

Military Action & Adventure: search

Military Documentaries: search

Military Dramas: search

Military TV Shows: search

Miniseries: search

Mockumentaries: search

Monster Movies: search

Movies based on children’s books: search

Movies for ages 0 to 2: search

Movies for ages 2 to 4: search

Movies for ages 5 to 7: search

Movies for ages 8 to 10: search

Movies for ages 11 to 12: search

Music & Concert Documentaries: search

Music: search

Musicals: search

Mysteries: search

New Zealand Movies: search

Period Pieces: search

Political Comedies: search

Political Documentaries: search

Political Dramas: search

Political Thrillers: search

Psychological Thrillers: search

Quirky Romance: search

Reality TV: search

Religious Documentaries: search

Rock & Pop Concerts: search

Romantic Comedies: search

Romantic Dramas: search

Romantic Favorites: search

Romantic Foreign Movies: search

Romantic Independent Movies: search

Romantic Movies: search

Russian: search

Satanic Stories: search

Satires: search

Scandinavian Movies: search

Sci-Fi & Fantasy: search

Sci-Fi Adventure: search

Sci-Fi Dramas: search

Sci-Fi Horror Movies: search

Sci-Fi Thrillers: search

Science & Nature Documentaries: search

Science & Nature TV: search

Screwball Comedies: search

Showbiz Dramas: search

Showbiz Musicals: search

Silent Movies: search

Slapstick Comedies: search

Slasher and Serial Killer Movies: search

Soccer Movies: search

Social & Cultural Documentaries: search

Social Issue Dramas: search

Southeast Asian Movies: search

Spanish Movies: search

Spiritual Documentaries: search

Sports & Fitness: search

Sports Comedies: search

Sports Documentaries: search

Sports Dramas: search

Sports Movies: search

Spy Action & Adventure: search

Spy Thrillers: search

Stage Musicals: search

Stand-up Comedy: search

Steamy Romantic Movies: search

Steamy Thrillers: search

Supernatural Horror Movies: search

Supernatural Thrillers: search

Tearjerkers: search

Teen Comedies: search

Teen Dramas: search

Teen Screams: search

Teen TV Shows: search

Thrillers: search

Travel & Adventure Documentaries: search

TV Action & Adventure: search

TV Cartoons: search

TV Comedies: search

TV Documentaries: search

TV Dramas: search

TV Horror: search

TV Mysteries: search

TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy: search

TV Shows: search

Urban & Dance Concerts: search

Vampire Horror Movies: search

Werewolf Horror Movies: search

Westerns: search

World Music Concerts: search